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[J] XFRM Extras [Paid] 1.0.6b

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Jack submitted a new resource:

[J] XFRM Extras - Adding additional functionalities to resource manager

Additional requirements : XenForo Resource manager
License: You may not redistribute or resell the Software in whole or in part .
Updates duration: 1 year

  1. Limit no of resource downloads in 24 hours
  2. Like resource to download
  3. Download tracker
  4. Minimum post count for downloading resources
  5. Usergroup based permissions
  6. Permission to update anyone resource
  7. Widget to display Featured resource
  8. Permissions to bypass limits
  9. Can update anyone resource...

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Ovunc Dinc

New member
Hi Jack,
I want to translate this add-on Turkish Language and we can share this language pack in MPM or XenForo Official site.
What do you think about it?